Here are some of the cakes that I have made:


These 2 are fondant:







For a dental lab as a thank-you.


For 2010 Super-bowl. Colts vs. Saints.
Center and side pennant flags are all laminated printouts (non-edible).


Birthday boy's name is "tattooed" on her hip.
A heart tattoo on top of breast.
Necklace matches bikini.











Pot-bellied granny is holding a Bud Light© can


Georgia Bulldogs.
Birthday girl's name is on brim of hat.


Spiderman has toys on top


This cake was for a Valentine's birthday


Harley Cake has 2 toy motorcycles on top in the "road"


Crazy Cake




Redneck Christmas Cake is sloppy on purpose to look more "redneck"